About Us

WFM People supplies fieldmarketing and sales solutions that demonstrably improve the visibility, sales and business intelligence of brands.

We boast over 25 years of experience and we can offer everything for activating your brand, encouraging buying behaviour and optimising the strategic decision process based on accurate market insights. This makes a visible contribution to your bottom line. We understand the interaction between brand, retailer and shopper. On a daily basis, we leverage our expertise to ensure that your products are found by your target group on site.

Our solutions improve the business results of brand manufacturers, retail organisations, B2B service providers and non-profit organisations. For this purpose, we visit hundreds of addresses every week, including supermarkets, chemists, electronics shops, catering businesses and a wide range of out-of-home sites.

From our local offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, we apply a flexible and personal working style. We are also an active member of Combera Group. This gives us access to an operational and strategic partner network in 31 European countries.


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